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Blood Pumps Experience

RBTS engineering has been instrumental in design, development, prototype manufacturing, and testing of advanced technology systems for medical applications, such as implantable human heart-assist blood pumps.

Ten (10) VAD pump programs ranged in size for application from adult to infant.

Recent advances in manufacturing technologies and material science present opportunities for improved designs eliminating thrombosis, and reducing hemolysis from existing pump designs, while providing higher efficiency & cooler operation.

Multi-organizational development teams are in place with highly qualified professionals. These teams are positioned to ensure achieving the objectives through various stages of pump development life cycle:

  • Electro-mechanical: Bearings, rotor dynamics, vibration, fabrication, materials, drive system, controls, assembly, testing & qualification.
  • Bio-engineering: Hydraulic/CFD, efficiency, hemolysis & thrombosis testing & analysis.
  • Medical: Surgical facilities, in vivo testing, monitoring, and assessment.

The RBTS team is positioned to support your project from concept to completion.