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How to: Import an old ARMD project
#1 Posted : Wednesday, November 3, 2010 3:10:53 PM(UTC)
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How to: Import Older Project Example

This article applies to ARMD V5.0 ~ V5.6 users who have upgraded to V5.7 or later. Starting with ARMD V5.7 projects are stored in a different location.

The Import Older Project dialog is used for importing existing older ARMD projects. The importing process consists of creating a copy of a project with all its files into a desired destination folder to be used with ARMD 5.7 as a new project. The original project remains unchanged.

ARMD Project

A project organizes files in a folder. It can be thought of as a folder that can hold files from all ARMD software modules when doing any particular task.

ARMD Root folder
The ARMD root folder is the default location where all of the ARMD modules store their files. It is also the default location where APF files and project folders are stored.

For ARMD V5.6 versions and before, even though a project file may be stored in a different location, it will usually be located in the “C:\Program Files\ARMDW” folder.

For ARMD V5.7, even though a project file may be stored in a different location, it will usually be located in one of the following 2 locations:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ARMD57\” (Windows XP)
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\ARMD57\” (Windows Vista / 7).  

APF file
An APF file is a file that represents a project. This file will have an extension of .apf and for ARMD 5.6 and older versions, it will be located in the ARMD root folder. This file however, does not contain the project files. All this file contains is a path to the project folder. It can be though of as a shortcut to the folder that contains the project files.

Project folder
A project folder is the physical location in the disk where an ARMD project keeps its files.

The import function behaves the same as the “Copy Project” function with the added ability to browse for a source apf file. You may access the Import Older Project dialog by selecting Import Older Project from the Project menu. The browse button will allow a user to browse the computer system for an older apf file. 

In this example, I want to import an older project created in ARMD V5.6 called Old56Project

This will display the Import Older Project dialog.

Import Older Project dialog

I will first click the top Browse button and navigate to the location of the apf project file (Older56Project.apf).

Once I have selected the Older56Project.apf file (located in the ARMD previous version’s root folder), the Import Older Project dialog will display its information:

The Old Project Name textbox displays the older project’s name and the Old Project Folder displays the full path to the project folder (not to be confused with the location of the Older56Project.apf file).

You must type a name in the New Project Name textbox. This will be name the name of imported project. It can have the same name as the old project. You will notice that as you type a name into this field, the
New Project Folder textbox path will be modified to display a path pointing to the imported project folder.

By default the new project folder will be located in a “Project” subdirectory within the ARMD root folder. If you want, you can change this by selecting the bottom Browse button, which will display a folder chooser dialog to select the location where the Older56Project project will copy its files to. 

In short, In this example, I am using the apf file C:\Program Files\ARMDW\Older56Project.apf and its project folder(C:\Program Files\ARMDW\Project\Older56Project) to create a new project called ImportedProject with a new project folder(C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ARMD57demo\Project\ImportedProject).

Once the locations and names have been selected, pressing OK will import the project and its files, otherwise Cancel will quit the dialog.

Now that the project has been successfully imported, I will have a copy of the older ARMD project with the new name of ImportedProject. The original copy of the project remains unchanged.

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