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How to: Upgrade ARMD hardware key
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How to: Update the Sentinel Key for ARMD 5.7 in the Field

This article applies to users upgrading to ARMD V5.7.

To update the Sentinel key, you must provide information about the key to RBTS. The ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program supplied on the ARMD installation CD and placed in the Key_Software folder, when executed will display the specific information about your key in the form of a Locking Code. You must communicate this code to RBTS by electronic mail, telephone, or fax. RBTS will then give you a corresponding License Code to enter into the ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program. ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE will reprogram the Sentinel key with the encrypted update information.

ARMD key

An ARMD key (also known as key or Sentinel key) consists of a small device, which connects to your system’s Parallel or USB port. An ARMD Key is required to run any ARMD solver. They may look like the following:


About Key Update Codes

Key update codes are character strings that are unique for every key. If you have more than one Sentinel hardware key, you must run ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE separately for each key. Locking Codes contain information pertaining to the key's configuration settings and are unique for each key. License Codes contain the key update commands and are provided by RBTS after the Locking Codes have been processed at its facilities. License Codes are unique for each key.

Locking Codes also change every time you update the key. Don't save the string the first time you update the key and expect to use it again for your next update.

About ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE

The ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program is provided by RBTS to remotely update its Sentinel hardware keys for ARMD V5.7. To use this program, it is assumed that the following actions have already been performed:

1. RBTS' ARMD for Windows software (or any of its components) is installed on the computer that is being used to update the Sentinel hardware key. It is assumed that, during the ARMD installation process, you have elected to install the Sentinel key drivers (Note: Key update software requires driver version V5.41.1, or later).

2. It is recommended (not required) that you copy the following three files off the CD (i.e. contents of Key_Software folder) provided by RBTS to your computer hard disk (Typically C:\Program Files\ARMDW).

File 1. ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.exe

File 2. FieldExUtil.chm

Fle 3. USafe32.dll

The ARMDKey_update_V57_std.EXE Program

The ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program can be launched as you would any Windows application.

To start ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE:

1. Start Windows and launch ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE from the Start Menu, or from within Windows Explorer. Note, the location of this program on he supplied CD is in the Key_Software folder.

2. The ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE application screen appears as follows.


Obtaining the Locking Code

You can communicate your Key Locking Code to RBTS via electronic mail, telephone, or fax.

To obtain Key Locking Code:

1. Verify that your Sentinel key is attached to your computer (parallel, or USB).

2. Run the ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program (see previous section).

3. Press the Get Locking Code button.

4. ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE finds the key and displays the Locking Code in the Locking Code field.

5. If the word "Error" appears in the Locking Code field, make sure the key is firmly attached to the computer, then try again. Contact RBTS if you are unsuccessful.

6. Perform one of the following actions:

  • Save the Locking Code to a file. To do so, press the disc icon. When the directory window appears, navigate to where you want to save the file and give it the name "keyid.loc". Later, you can e-mail this file to RBTS.
  • Read the Locking Code to RBTS over the telephone, or fax it to RBTS.

7. Wait to continue the update process until you receive the License Code from RBTS.

Note: If you must exit the ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program before entering the Update License, a new Locking Code will be displayed when you re-select the Get Locking Code. However, the Update License function will still update your key correctly.

Receiving and processing the License Code

RBTS can send the License Code to you via email/fax, or read it to you over the telephone. You then enter this code with ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program, so the software can update your Sentinel key's memory with the new information.

Warning Only one Sentinel key should be attached to your computer during the Update. If you are updating more than one key, you must run ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE separately for each key.

To update your Sentinel key:

1. If you have exited from the ARMDKey_update_V57R1_std.EXE program since you obtained the Locking Code, re-launch the program and press the Get Locking Code button. If the License Code has been transmitted to you via the telephone/fax, carefully type the License Code as given by RBTS into the Update License field and proceed to Step 3. If the License Code is stored in a file, leave the Update License field blank and proceed to Step 2.

2. If the Locking Code is stored in a file, press the folder icon and navigate to the folder location containing the license file (*.lic). Single click on the license file and press the Open button.

3. Press the Update License button to update your key. The message "Success!" should appear. If you get the see the message "Could not Update License", make sure the key is securely connected to the computer and try again. Contact RBTS if the Update License function does not work correctly.

4. Congratulations! The key update process is complete. Close the update software.

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