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To run any of our demonstration software your system will need to meet or exceed the minimum hardware and software requirements for the ARMD package which are:

Operating Systems Supported for ARMD:

Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Hardware Requirements for ARMD:

The ARMD processor modules require the following hardware:
For the 3-D Shaft Viewer, a modern GPU assisted graphics card supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0c with on-board antialiasing.

  • NVidia: Geforce2 or higher required, Geforce 4(non-mx) or higher recommended.
  • ATI: Radeon 7500 or higher required, Radeon 9600 or higher recommended.
  • SiS, Intel and S3 cards might or might not be supported.

In general, if after installing the latest driver for your graphics adaptor you cannot open the 3-D Shaft Viewer, the graphics adaptor may not be supported, please contact RBTS for further assistance.

RBTS is pleased to announce the release of ARMD Version 6.0 for Windows. New features are listed here for ROTLAT, here for TORSION, here for Journal and Conical Bearings, here for Thrust Bearings, and here for Tilting Pad Bearings.

Some of the software is compressed in zip format, please ensure you have an unzip utility such as 7zip to decompress such files prior to executing.

File: Extension: Size: Description:
ARMD60G1Demo.exe Exe 468Mb ARMD 6.0 G1 Demonstration Software, includes ROTLAT V6.0G1 BETA, posted 5/3/19
Armd58g2_demo130425.exe Exe 274Mb ARMD 5.8 G2 Demonstration Software
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ARMD60G1-Build- Exe 430Mb ARMD Torsion, Journal, Conical, Thrust and Tiltiing Pad Bearings Version 6.0 G1, posted 3/6/2019
ARMD58G2-Release-17.exe Exe 390Mb ARMD Version 5.8 G2, posted 6/13/2018
ARMDNetworkLicenseServerKit.exe Exe 28Mb ARMD Network License Server Kit, posted 2/27/2017 Zip 7Mb ARMD Version 5.8 G2 Key Test Utility