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 Literature Downloads

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Seminar Documents

File: Size: Description:
RBTS-26thAnnualSeminarBrochure.pdf 945Kb May 2019 Seminar Announcement & Registration Form
RBTS-26thAnnualSeminarRegistrationForm.pdf 172Kb May 2019 Seminar Registration Form
RBTS-26thAnnualSeminarBrochureBrief.pdf 311Kb May 2019 Seminar Flyer
RBTS-26thAnnualSeminarBriefBios.pdf 120Kb May 2019 Seminar Presenter Bios

 Software Documents

File: Size: Description:
ARMD60-MDrev00.pdf 5.6Mb ARMD V6.0 User Manual
TILTBR60Flyer.pdf 2.5Mb Tilting Pad Bearing V6.0 New Features
THRSBR60Flyer.pdf 3.0Mb Thrust Bearing V6.0 New Features
JURNBR60Flyer.pdf 2.9Mb Journal Bearing V6.0 New Features
TORSION_V6.0_New_Features.pdf 3.1Mb TORSION V6.0 New Features
ARMD58Description.pdf 1.6Mb ARMD Version 5.8 Description
ARMD58-Announcement.pdf 86Kb ARMD Version 5.8 Release Announcement Letter
ARMD58-Flyer.pdf 3.1Mb ARMD Version 5.8 New Features Flyer
ARMD58UserManual.pdf 4.3Mb ARMD Version 5.8 User Manual, includes installation instructions
ARMD58_Key_Update_Proc.pdf  304Kb ARMD Version 5.8 Memory Key Update Instructions
Armd57-demo-man.pdf 2.0Mb ARMD 5.7 Demo Manual