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[Rotor Dynamics]

ARMD's Rotor dynamics package is finite element-based for performing damped and un-damped critical speeds, mode shapes, stability, unbalance response, and time-transient response.

consists of four sub-modules: ROSTAB, ROTORMAP, ROSYNC, and RORESP integrated by ROTLAT's module messenger. The messenger controls the sub-modules to provide a complete lateral vibration analysis environment.

ROTLAT modeling capabilities include solid, hollow, tapered and stepped type elements, cylindrical, tilting-pad, and rolling element type bearings, gravitational loading, gyroscopic effects, flexible coupling, casing and foundation flexibility, and material damping in the shaft and foundation.

Stability Analysis

● Natural frequencies and mode
● Growth factors/damping ratios
● Rotor orbit directions
● Bearing reaction forces
● Shaft weight, deflection, and
   centerline slope
● Stability and critical speed maps

Unbalance Response
(Synchronous response)

● Multiple unbalance forces
● Magnitude and phase
● Dynamic forces and moments
● Vibratory amplitudes and orbits
● Forces and moments transmitted to
   bearings and foundation
● Foundation vibratory amplitudes

Time-Transient Response
(Non-synchronous response)

● Gravitational and external force:
   sinusoidal, step, ramp, and pulse type.
● Lateral amplitudes
● Rotor orbits
● Dynamic forces and moments
● Dynamic stresses