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Rolling Element Bearings
[Bearing Analysis]

The COBRA software package is capable of evaluating rolling-element bearings. Practically any bearing or bearing system available in the industry can be analyzed with one of the bearing solution modules.


The ROLLING-ELEMENT bearing module [COBRA] predicts the performance of up to six bearings of different types mounted on a shaft and experiencing radial, thrust and moment loading. Bearing types include Conrad (radial) ball, angular contact ball, cylindrical roller tapered roller, and spherical roller bearings. The program allows the evaluation of misalignment, offsets, preload, clearance or end-play on bearing performance. Bearing preload from spacer grinding or shimming as well as preload springs is included. Individual bearings can be made to "float". Bearing performance results with COBRA include ball load distribution, stress distribution, system and individual bearing reaction loads and displacements, Hertz contact stress, B10 life, contact angles, and spring rate (stiffness).