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Throughout the year, RBTS is continuously updating its software products, conducting educational seminars, as well as providing rotating equipment engineering services. It is our pleasure to keep the rotating equipment community up to date on the development of our software, plans for future seminars, and share interesting information and events that are occurring at RBTS.

RBTS provides engineering services and software to manufacturers and end users in a diverse range of industries for the analysis of rotating machinery and their associated structural components. Industries served include: aerospace, automotive, medical, mining, petrochemicals, turbo machinery, machine tool, computer disk drives, and fossil/nuclear power production. Our software, Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics (ARMD), is recognized as the worldwide leader for rotating system design and analysis.

We invite you to explore our site to find more about RBTS and our ARMD software.


Posted: August 2017

   RBTS  ARMD V6.0G1 Journal and Conical Bearings Analysis Modules Released along with TORSION

RBTS is pleased to announce that a production release of the ARMD Version 6.0G1 Journal and Conical Bearing Analysis modules are available to ARMD users with current software maintenance agreements. If you have a current maintenance agreement for ARMD and are interested in upgrading your existing Torsion, Journal or Conical Bearing analysis modules, please let us know by using the form available on the Contact section of our website here.


ARMD Version 6.0G1 Torsion, Journal and Conical Bearing Analysis modules consist of completely re-written user interface modules and enhanced dynamic simulation packages. Complete brochures showing the many new features of the programs may be found here.


Please read the following remarks carefully:

  • Your current license hardware dongle may not be compatible with ARMD 6.0G1. Please contact RBTS to check if your hardware dongle is compatible and allow 2 - 4 weeks for replacement if required.
  • This is an incremental roll-out release of ARMD V6.0G1 and does not include Rotor Dynamics, Thrust or Tilting Pad Bearing modules, which are currently in development.
  • ARMD V6.0G1 can be installed concurrently with ARMD V5.8G2 on the same computer. Each version has its own independent storage folders for both programs and data.
  • Although ARMD 6.0G1 programs can read ARMD 5.8G2 input files, ARMD 5.8G2 cannot read ARMD 6.0G1 input files. Consequently ARMD 6.0G1 Bearing Analysis files cannot be used by the ARMD 5.8G2 ROTLAT Rotor Dynamics module.


Posted: January 2017

   RBTS  ARMD V6.0G1 JURNBR Beta Test Program

RBTS is pleased to announce that a Beta test release of the ARMD Version 6.0G1 Journal Bearing Analysis module is available to select test particpants. If you have a current maintenance agreement for ARMD V5.8G2 and are interested in becoming a test participant, please let us know by using the form available on the Contact section of our website here.


ARMD Version 6.0G1 Journal Bearing Analysis consists of a completely re-written user interface module and an enhanced dynamic simulation package. A complete brochure showing the many new features of the program may be found here.


Posted: August 2016

   RBTS Releases TORSION V6.0

RBTS is pleased to announce the release of Version V6.0 of its TORSION ARMD module. This release is a major milestone in the product’s development history, rolling out a completely new and improved graphical user interface for the package with enhanced numerical capabilities and features. The software’s front end was redesigned with our customers’ and industry’s input to incorporate the most logical, efficient, and productive techniques to model and analyze complex multi-shaft systems for torsional vibrations.


New technical features, including the addition of equivalent torsional stiffness diameters, better handling of shaft connections, expanded user-defined torques application, and better access to temperature dependent properties all combine to provide more accurate modeling and better matching of analysis results to actual system empirical results.


Users with current annual maintenance contracts may download TORSION 6.0G1 here.



Posted: May 2016

   23rd Annual Seminar on Rotor Dynamics and Bearing Technologies, held May 2 - 5, 2016

RBTS' 4-day seminar on Rotor Dynamics, Fluid-Film and Rolling-Element Bearings was held on May 2 - 5, 2016 at PENN STATE Great Valley, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. It was well attended by participants from a diverse group of internationally-recognized companies and was judged by them to be very successful.

A gallery of pictures from the event may be viewed here.

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